The real fun starts when you switch the motion detection

The real fun starts when you switch the motion detection to "ON". Then place it on your office desk or nightstand when you leave the room and wait for it to record video at the first sight of movement. You may be surprised at what you might capture! Or you can even clip it to your shirt pocket to capture your boss or husbands abusive behavior for legal disputes. With the easy one button operation you will always be ready to capture high quality hidden videos within a moments notice, any time any place.In these stories, the reader embarks upon an interesting journey through time to a world where things are still much simpler than the life of today. There are still crimes however, since that is what the book focuses on in depth. A theft may have occurred and subsequently caused a murder. The hero is, of course, the detective. This character is proficient in the means of detecting crime. His attitudes and morals can be described by the author in several different ways, but the general view of the detective is intelligence. If the detective is not perceived as intelligent, how should he be able to solve the crimes that the police cannot? The author makes it interesting of course, using clever phrases and great character descriptions to involve the reader as much as possible in the storyline. The reader often thinking or trying to figure out who the culprit is that committed this crime. The pen uses a MicroSD (8GB included) card slot for video storage, so memory limitations will never be a problem with this amazing spypen. Simply load a new SD card in when the current one becomes full and you can continue capturing hours of undercover spy video without suspect! Order the Spy Pen Pinhole Video Camera (Motion Detection, Micro SD) in bulk now while it is still in stock and ready for next day shipping! Only from the leaders in wholesale electronics, Chinadone!